Syamimi and Hafiq’s robot programming workshop went well

The turnout was good considering that there were parallel sessions at the same time. Syamimi, Hafiq and Beng handled the event.

The workshop was hosted in iCenter as one of the many programs in DevFest Brunei 2022 organized by GDG Brunei and WTM Brunei. The event was a one day event on Sunday, 4 Dec. The robot programming workshop started at 1:30pm and intended for 2 hours, however it ended at 4ishpm.

The workshop was meant to have a taste of robot programming and have some fun. All participants coming from different backgrounds could join in the fun. Syamimi started the intro presentation and Hafiq continued to run through the programming exercises. Beng was helping out. After the programming exercises, the participants prepared themselves for the challenge in the boxed world. The participants formed two teams: blue and red. The challenge comprised of autonomous robots and manual robots. A pair of participants in blue team attempted the autonomous robot and solved the maze! The blue team won the challenge. After the challenge, there was a Kahoot! quiz with a big prize from the organizer.

More info are here:

It was good to see the Robolab old boys and girl.

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