Robolab is the Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Systems. This is a space for a few of us to work mainly on robotic, IoT and intelligent systems stuff including applied AI.

Robolab V3

The current lab is located in the Integrated Science Building, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. It is in Rooms B2-14 and B2-15, Level 2, Block B.


Robolab V2, 2009-2010+

Robolab V2 was in the APB G.38.

The lab underwent many changes as we worked on different projects. It was a place a few of us spent our days and nights working with metals, components, wires and computers. The hardworks of the team led to the first participant of UBD in ABU Robocon in Egypt in 2010.

I took a study break from UBD to do my PhD in 2010. My colleagues Chong and Trung made use of the lab. Chong continued working on competition robots, while Trung worked on robotic research.

When I returned to UBD in 2014, the lab were mainly used by Trung for his research works and graduate students. Chong had stopped using the lab. Chong helped me to find a vacant space from Faculty of Integrated Technology (FIT) in the Integrated Science Building (ISB) to set up the Robolab V3.

Hong’s Robotic Cubicle (Robolab V1), 2009

When I first started work at UBD, I had a cubicle in a shared office with a few colleagues. It was in the Student Affairs Building. There was a vacant cubicle, and that was where I setup the first robotic “lab”.

We used any space available around us; all available resources that I could get my hands on. It was where we started working on robotic projects and robotic competitions especially the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Robotic Contest (ABU Robocon).

Before setting up in the shared office, I had started Robocon project in the classrooms M2.15, M2.16 and M2.17 in the Faculty of Science building. This was a temporary arrangement and was possible during the semester break, however we had to clear the place and moved into our spaces at the Student Affairs Building after the semester break.

Close to the end of 2009, UBD needed to convert the shared office space into a modern Student Central. Staff in the shared office were moved to offices in the Academy of Brunei Studies Building (Akademi Pengajian Brunei, APB). There were a few large classrooms at the ground floor, and I was fortunate to be given the biggest room as our robotic lab – Robolab V2.