Robotic workshop at GDG Brunei DevFest 2022

Syamimi and Haifq with a few members of Robolab will be conducting a robotic workshop at the DevFest Brunei 2022 organized by Google Developers Group (GDG) Brunei and Women Techmakers Brunei.

Exploring Robot Programming with Python

👩🏽‍💻 Suitable for: Beginners and Intermediates in Robotics
⏰ Time & Room allocation: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm at IBA Room, iCenter (Ground floor)

Believe it or not, robots are coming into your life. Learn to control the robots before they get out of control!

This workshop will give you a taste of programming a robot using Python. You will learn about the basics of robotic systems including their hardware components and programming the functions of these components. You will program a miniature mobile robot with a Raspberry Pi acting as its brain. Armed with the new skills, you will form two teams and control your robot to cooperate with your teammates to compete with the opponent team in a game.

About the speaker:

Syamimi‘s interest in robotics started when she explored robot navigation using ROS 2 for her final year project. She worked in the Robolab on Human Activity Discovery using unsupervised machine learning. She was also involved in Rotating Predictive Analytics consultancy research project at UBD in collaboration with a partner university in South Korea and a local oil and gas company. Her current MSc research is on developing a self-driving car prototype controlled with deep learning algorithm. Her research interests include self-driving cars, robotics and machine learning in interdisciplinary fields.

During Hafiq‘s undergraduate studies, he solved an indoor navigation problem by designing an autonomous navigation system on a customized mobile robot using ROS. He has also developed an Automatic Facial Expression Recognition (AFER) system. Currently, he is working on implementing a socially compliant navigation robot that can be deployed in crowded places using Deep Reinforcement Learning to imitate acceptable human behaviors. His research interests include robotics, machine learning, and the application of robots in the real world.

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If you will be joining the workshop, you will need a laptop with VNC viewer installed.
VNC viewer:

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