Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedal added to Robolab

We have gotten the Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedal for our self-driving car project. It is much more natural to drive with the steering wheel and pedal than the keyboard and mouse. It works in Carla and will be used in the data collection phase. This will be Syamimi‘s toy for a while.

Robolab welcomed Prof Rolf and Dr Han

We are honored to have Prof Rolf Muller from Virginia Tech and Dr Han Jin Ping from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center coming over to the Robolab. Thank you for visiting us! Image source: Prof Rolf (here and here), thanks!

Visitors from Soartech

We received visitors from Soartech Systems today. Soartech is a Brunei company specialises in geospatial technology, aerial imagery, and LiDAR. They support professional and business needs with location data analytics and digital models. During the visit, our students showed their projects to the Soartech team, and the Soartech team shared with us about their projects. …

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