Hafiq presented his paper at RiTA 2021

Hafiq presented his initial work in his MSc at the 9th International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications (RiTA 2021). The conference is a hybrid one with on-site and virtual participation. We attended the conference virtually.

Hafiq’s paper is “Comparison of Deep Q-Learning, Q-Learning and SARSA Reinforced Learning for Robot Local Navigation”.

Abstract. This paper presents a performance comparison of mobile robot obstacle avoidance between using Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) and two classical Reinforcement Learning (RL). For the DRL-based method, Deep Q-Learning (DQN) algorithm was used whereas for the RL-based method, Q-Learning and Sarsa algorithms were used. In our experiments, we have used the extended OpenAI Gym ToolKit to compare the performances of DQN, Q-Learning, and Sarsa algorithms in both simulated and real-world environments. Turtlebot3 Burger was used as the mobile robot hardware to evaluate the performance of the RL models in the real-world environment. The average rewards, episode steps, and rate of successful navigation were used to compare the performance of the navigation ability of the RL agents. Based on the simulated and real-world results, DQN has performed signi´Čücantly better than both Q-Learning and Sarsa. It has achieved 100% success rates during the simulated and real-world tests.

More information of the project is available on the project page.

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