Implementation of SLAM on iRobot Create Robot (non-ROS)

Robot Navigation with iRobot Create Robot

This is Amirul’s BSc final year project. We implemented the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) on an iRobot Create robot, the Wanderer-v1. The implementation uses Python. In this project, we learned the basic concepts in SLAM and the implementation of various algorithms involved.

The SLAM was implemented from scratch involving implementation of the sensor model, motion model and the localization using particle filter. The implementation is a FastSLAM. In addition, A-star search has been implemented for path planning. The robot is able to navigate to a given location while performing SLAM and avoiding obstacles.

The robot is equipped with a Kinect sensor to provide the laserscan. The odometry is from the iRobot Create. No other sensors are used at the moment.


  • Muhammad Amirul Akmal Haji Menjeni
  • Ong Wee Hong
  • Pg Dr Haji NorJaidi bin Pg Hj Tuah




Note: The video has been speedup by about x3. The scene is outside the Laboratory of Robotics and Intelligent System (Robolab V3) in the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).