AR-based Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

AR-based Indoor and Outdoor Navigator in UBD

This is the outcome of three BSc final year projects. Nur Afifah worked on the outdoor navigation, and Huey Theeng worked on the indoor and the integration of both. Raziq refactored the source codes and implemented QR code localization to complement the Brovision markers.

Augmented Reality is a user-friendly mean to provide information in the real-world on the screen. It capitalizes on the abundant of digital data and present them to the user in at the most relevant place and time. Our current work is not developed on a mobile robot (yet). Instead, in this project, we are developing an AR-based indoor navigator mobile app to guide a user to navigate from any location to a desired destination inside a building. The ultimate goal is to apply the indoor positioning technique in mobile robots. The project started with developing an AR-based outdoor navigator application for UBD campus and we have extended the application with indoor navigator capability.

“Global” positioning in indoor environment has been challenging due to the absence of a standard and reliable GPS (Global Positioning System). The satellite GPS is not usable in indoor environment. We are learning the existing works in indoor positioning systems with the interest to develop one that we can use for autonomous mobile robot navigation. As a start, we are looking at fiducial markers.


  • Muhammad Amirul Raziq bin Haji Rosman
  • Lim Huey Theeng
  • Nur Afifah Ilyana binti Ilham
  • Ong Wee Hong
  • Owais Ahmed Malik