Robot programming workshop at DevFest Brunei 2023

Hafiq, Nazrul and the Robolab gang delivered the “Exploring Robot Programming with Python” workshop at the Google DevFest Brunei 2023.

The DevFest Brunei 2023 was held on 1-3 Dec at Laksamana College of Business, Plaza Abdul Razak. This is the second year we participated in the DevFest Brunei. Details of the workshop can be found here:

The workshop started with a few quick hands-on lessons on programming the Raspberry Pi to control a mobile robot. Participants worked in groups to program their robot.

The participants then test out their robots in a competition. The members of the winning team received our 3D printed Robolab tokens. The workshop ended with Kahoot! quiz with the winners receiving prizes from the organizer.

The best thing about doing an activity or event with a team is the hanging out after job done.

A pic of the workshop on Pelita Brunei’s IG.

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